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Appointment Options 

Urgent Care

Prompt medical care is at the tips of your fingers. Railway Express Care LLC can meet your needs with rapid medical attention for minor illnesses and injuries.  Gone are the days of waiting for provider availability, simply schedule an appointment to be seen today. 

Primary Care

It can be so tempting to put off your next appointment. At Railway Express Care LLC, we make it easier than ever to schedule your virtual primary care exam.  From initial visits to follow up visits,  your primary care needs can be managed with Railway Express Care LLC.  Get in touch with us today to book a convenient time or to find out more.

Prescription Refills 

Put your health first and ensure you are taking your routine medications. Sometimes life can get crazy, and prescriptions are forgotten.  Here at Railway Express Care LLC, routine prescription refills can be managed, so you can maintain a healthy medication routine. Schedule your appointment today for a routine prescription refill.  

Railway Express Care does not accept insurance.  Instead, we charge a flat fee similar to your co-pay, which covers your entire visit with a prescription, if required.  Our Urgent Care and Primary Care visits are priced at $40.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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