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Railway Express Care is a new virtual medical practice based out of Brunswick, Maryland providing service to all residents of Maryland.

We aim to save our patients both time and money by providing a simplistic & low cost alternative to the standard urgent or primary care practice.

Our focus is on ensuring that our patients receive COMPETENT CONVENIENT CARE.

                           ~ Jill Anderson FNP-C


Maybe you don't have or can't find a primary care provider, or maybe your schedule prevents you from being able to be seen during normal business hours.

We are able to provide most primary care services virtually and assist you with getting back on track, taking charge of your health.

We offer flexible hours and appointments to meet your needs.

Urgent Care Telehealth

We can handle most acute complaints and minor injuries online, and in most cases, prevent a visit to the ER or Urgent Care.

For patients in Maryland, prescriptions, referrals, Doctor's notes, lab tests, x-rays, and other imaging needs can all be ordered through our platform.

Schedule a visit today!

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